​​Individual and Couple Therapy

Gayle L McGuire, Registered Psychotherapist

Call Me:  +1.647.974.1360

Using talk therapy, and creative interventions, we look at current life struggles and past events impacting you. By giving voice to these personal stories, underlying emotions unwind and negative inner dialogues are uprooted. New ways of being emerge. With growing awareness, you can learn how to change and engage in your life with increasing wisdom. ​

​Therapy provides a warm place to safely explore the issues that trouble you.  A place to discover your strengths and resiliencies, a place to discover the path to healing and wholeness. 

Are you struggling with day-to-day living and relationship issues?  

Are anxiety, depression, or grief interfering with your ability to enjoy your life?

Perhaps you have tried to work through these issues on your own, researching online, talking to friends, but nothing ever seems to change?